Joti Shephi is a long time searcher, adventurer and edge walker of life. She honors all sides of life including the deep joy and grief that are essential in our human experience. She holds impeccable neutral space for others as they walk through life's transitions and changes.

In 2014, she helped facilitate and structure the Tree of Life Initiation for Women, a program that guides women to clear their lifelines, gives them access to tools and practices for a balanced life, and guides them to claim their adult selves through a community held rites-of-passage ceremony. As an outgrowth of  this intensive one-year journey, she created Wings of Water and has been offering these one-on-one and group workshops  to hundreds of people throughout the United States and abroad.

She is currently becoming certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer through NLP Marin where she is enhancing her capacity to help humans become more human. She has practiced and studied several different religions and attained a Masters Degree in Jewish Education. She is currently a garden educator in a Waldorf inspired Charter and debuted her first CD “Legacy”. Joti is also a rock climber and likes to stay adventurous and playful in all aspects of her life.