How NLP helps people makes changes effortlessly

In April, 2019 I graduated as a Master Practitioner of Transformational NLP. I had spent over a year learning how to create change without will power. Each time we gathered in our intensive weekends we would learn the tools of NLP Marin by practicing on each other. As the weeks turned to months I found myself becoming capable of attaining the things that I desired and changing the patterns and behaviors that stood in the way. I also was not crashing or becoming debilitated in ways I had in the years I had spent in spiritual growth, therapy and ceremonies

Instead I was able to face challenges that had felt insurmountable in the past. One of the most significant effects of NLP happened during a wedding weekend when I was in a house for 3 days with 20 people including estranged family members. In the past encounters with these people had left me reeling for months as I felt depressed and a lack of belonging. In the weeks leading up to the weekend I spent NLP study sessions revising my desires for that weekend so that my goals were attainable and reliant on myself (not others).  I explored compassion for these family members and envisioned the best possible outcomes that included a sense of belonging and joy. By the end of the wedding weekend I felt proud of my path in this world and this brought a deep sense of joy and helped me immerse myself in the celebration.

All of this occurred with more ease and grace than I had ever experienced in change work and so the question is how can we change without efforting?

Michelle Masters, a teacher of mine from NLP Marin explains it beautifully in an interview she did for libsyn podcasts. Below are some nuggets I am paraphrasing from her:

NLP Marin revises unconscious maps and unconscious patterns and behaviors so you don’t have to try to be different because when you try it’s honestly too difficult. 

It is like software revision- it takes some knowledge not will power.

People don’t have to try to be different, they don’t need to shame themselves into action

It’s the unconscious stuff that’s in the way

When you try to override the patterning it’s like when the doctor hits your knee and you tell your knee not to move.

The reason we don’t have what we want is not because we are undeserving. 

Simply revise it with just a different pattern. It’s hardware.

People don’t need to be told how to live

They need help getting what’s in the way out of the way

They have everything within them to have the lives they want

People just need to be moving towards what lights them up.

This is why it excites me to do NLP sessions. If you have any interest in moving towards what you desire in an effortless way check out my NLP page and set a time for a free consultation.


Many Roads Lead to Healing and Joy


Many Roads Lead to Healing and Joy



I am continuously grateful for noticing what I need to work on in my life. As someone who  promotes change work I am often going through change. Whenever I get to see what needs tending I often have a moment where I wonder how to resolve what has come up. Do I go to a healer, acupuncturist, a sweat lodge, a massage, journal, go to the gym or just meditate? In those moments it can feel overwhelming to find out what path will bring the most resolution.

The truth is that all paths will lead us to self realization and love all we need to do is continue to believe in the growth that is happening. If we remember that we are resourced with many tools then we can proceed one step at a time and our problems will begin to get resolved.


If you are going through some challenges at the moment some questions to sit with are:

  1. How is this challenge a gift?

  2. How has this challenge served you in the past and what are some other resources that can help you at the moment?

  3. What would you like to do to tend to yourself so more ease and grace can guide you?

And remember whatever path you take will lead you closer to what it is you want.


When we choose self growth it is always nice to have someone next to us to help us along the way. If you need a hand I would love to join you in your journey. There are a couple openings available for one-on-one spiritual coaching. Contact me for more info.


Have a great summer,






Here is a guided meditation. Listen and try it out whenever you need a break to quiet your mind and come back to stillness. 



Just Do It

I woke up this morning with the mantra “Just Do It” coming through my mind.  I am always thinking about what the perfect thing to do is to bring forward the growth I want in this business. In that place of seeking perfection I often feel debilitated and stuck. When this happens I have 2 choices: One is life and the other is life draining. To stay in the conundrum is exhausting but to take action is to choose life. When I choose life I choose action.


There are a myriad of excuses that keep me from taking actions.

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do.

Sometimes I know what to do and I don’t want to do it because I don’t think that what I am doing has value or that it will pay off.

Sometimes the task feels too laborious or long and I think it should take less time.


No matter what the reason is they all are excuses of why you shouldn’t do something as opposed to why you should. Taking action extinguishes doubt.


As a rock climber I have learned that there are times you keep your thoughts quiet by just taking the next step. This is true even when the next step seems impossible, like when you need to walk up a vertical slab of granite that doesn’t look like it has a place for your feet to rest. Whenever I find that my feet can walk in thin air I remember that I love life, my gifts are needed and I get to continually find ways to show up.


I like the way Tim Lawrence phrases it:

“ I have no choice but to stand up and give of myself. You can hide your gifts from the world. Or you can put yourself on the line. People are literally waiting for you to move them. “

To give my gifts is to take action.

Today for me that is sitting down and writing this to you and admitting that I don’t know how to make it all feel perfect.

What I do know is that the continuous motion of a willingness to activate and do things brings about change.


So I offer you this in hope that my vulnerability elicits action.

My deeper desire is that our actions create the changes we hope for in our lives and that our ability to act in service


Here is a song that speaks into this place