I am continuously grateful for noticing what I need to work on in my life. As someone who  promotes change work I am often going through change. Whenever I get to see what needs tending I often have a moment where I wonder how to resolve what has come up. Do I go to a healer, acupuncturist, a sweat lodge, a massage, journal, go to the gym or just meditate? In those moments it can feel overwhelming to find out what path will bring the most resolution.

The truth is that all paths will lead us to self realization and love all we need to do is continue to believe in the growth that is happening. If we remember that we are resourced with many tools then we can proceed one step at a time and our problems will begin to get resolved.


If you are going through some challenges at the moment some questions to sit with are:

  1. How is this challenge a gift?

  2. How has this challenge served you in the past and what are some other resources that can help you at the moment?

  3. What would you like to do to tend to yourself so more ease and grace can guide you?

And remember whatever path you take will lead you closer to what it is you want.


When we choose self growth it is always nice to have someone next to us to help us along the way. If you need a hand I would love to join you in your journey. There are a couple openings available for one-on-one spiritual coaching. Contact me for more info.


Have a great summer,