Wings of Water offers workshops and individual counseling sessions to support individuals to cultivate intuition and increase personal power.

INTENTION: Tune in, Create it and Thrive

Introductory Workshop

In this experiential group workshop, I will guide you through my three steps to achieve your vision: how to tune in, create the intention, and walk towards a thriving vision. Learn how to use the power of intention through song and ritual to help create inspired and aligned action in your life now.

Heart of Orientation

A 3-month journey of one-on-one mentorship

During this journey you will receive one-on-one spiritual counseling sessions focused on defining the intention in your life, learning your unique form of ritual, meditation, and embodiment practices, and creating the tools and practices to meet your edges and cultivate your intuition.

A Life of Aligned Orientation

A six-month journey of one-on-one mentorship

This six month journey of individual mentorship will support you to actualize your intention through developing and mastering embodiment and meditation practices, culminating in an overnight fire ritual.

A Tribe of Aligned and Oriented People

A six-month group journey of collaborative edge-pushing and growth

This group journey offers one-on-one spiritual counseling sessions, group councils, and a collective overnight fire ritual.  This is the complete step-by-step process to learn how to embody intention as a way of life, and deepen your relationship with spirit, community and self.

Ongoing one-on-one spiritual counseling

Available for those who have completed work with me.

Here is how this hand-crafted process works:

  • 1. INTENTION: We hone in on your key spiritual growth question or intention that will guide your entire journey.
  • 2. ALIGNED ACTION: You gain a deeper understanding into why your intention is important to you and how to live your life in a  balanced way that honors it through consistent routines.
  • 3. EARTH BASED PRACTICES: You will develop your own unique practices of meditation, nature connection, self care and ritual.
  • 4. CEREMONIAL DIVE: Either in a small group or one-on-one, I guide you through an overnight fire ceremony to work intimately with your key spiritual growth question or intention.
  • 5. INTEGRATION: You learn how to integrate what you experienced in the ceremony through deep listening and specific practices.
  • 6. NEXT STEPS: We close the process by clarifying the next steps in your journey.